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Because everything in this world must have an abbreviationit’s all in the name of “branding” of course – we call ourselves I.B.I.S. Radio. (pronounced Eye-bis, like the bird – pictured below). Although radio is our first love, we have our hands and feet knee-deep in online journalism, podcasting, audio slide shows, eLearning, and other multi-tasking, multi-mediums.



One of the purposes of this site is to aggregate and congregate the work produced and published by Dave Goodman, veteran radio producer, multi-media journalist, teacher, and mentat. (tip of the hat dept. to: Dune by Frank Herbert). Gradually, we’ll publish reports and ruminations from our friends too; folk such as history professor Marc Stern, photographer/publisher/editor and educator Jason Pramas and special surprise guests.


Browse through the menu above; it’s fairly self-explanatory. “CHURN” is where you’ll find Dave’s thoughts and ideas about culture and civilization. Yah, the subject matter will straddle a wide and deep sampling of concerns and interests.
“Radio at Work” features photographic evidence that radio producers and their collaborators actually do something in those ivory towers we call studios. Sometimes we even get outside and get our hands dirty.


(photo by Benjamin Goodman, used by permission)

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